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Pi-Control helps with gathering state and hardware information, as well as to simplify controlling your raspberry pi from any device.


AutoFAN is a large-scale desktop application based on Electron. It is a monitoring and management system for network devices such as DSLAM/MSAN/OLT/BNGs and is used within a larger NOC (Network Operations Center).


TiMon comes from ticket monitoring. It is a web application for monitoring and analyzing tickets and has been used in a larger NOC (Network Operations Center) for many years.

Vue-Jack 🃏

It's a simple Blackjack clone written in Vue3/Nuxt3.

Diablo 2 Runewords Companion 😈

This is a small companion app for the game Diablo 2 Resurrected. It was designed to help with building runewords, as well as get information about all runes.

Meme Stonks 🚀

Meme Stonks is a small app that allows you to track your favorite stocks.


Well, this project is the page you are visiting right now. A portfolio to list some of my projects.

Host Alive

This is a small Node.js project to ping a host/url with a few options and can be used to monitor a device or server.