project details


Pi-Control helps with gathering state and hardware information, as well as to simplify controlling your raspberry pi from any device.

The project is based on the Vue.js framework and uses Nuxt.js for the frontend and Socket.io in combination with Express (REST API) for the backend. It is open source and can be found on GitHub.

It comes with a shell script (one-step automated install) that completely handles the installation and update processes for the user. The script sets up a service on demand, which can start or stop the app on the server, making the app extremely easy to use.

After installation, the user only has to call the server via a URL and can use all features. For the first use, a local account must be set up. This account protects the entire app. Authentication is done via JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) and uses passport. The authentication protects the entire backend and includes the REST Api, as well as the communication via websockets. In the development environment, the entire REST api is documented via Swagger and can be tested via it.

The app is fully responsive and can be used on any device. It is optimized for mobile devices and tablets.

A PWA app can be installed on mobile devices if desired.

If you want to learn more, check out the readme on GitHub, or read up on the wiki pages.